E-Sculptor CMS is a general purpose Open Source Content Management.

With E-Sculptor CMS, you can build a website in seconds as it provides a set of tools for the development of a website. When you access it, you get a control panel ready for the administration of your site. From there you can manage the content of your site, assign menus, manage your configuration, manage the users and their permissions.

Developed with Yii Framework, it is widely extensible when using installable packages from Composer. You can also create your own developments and integrate them with this application. Its main goal is to be a good base for the implementation of a website.

It has 3 themes: AdminLTE for the administrative site and 2 themes based on Material Design for the public site: tf-violet and material-default.

The administration area has the following modules:

  • RBAC, where you can assign roles and permissions to the users of the administrative area of ​​your site.
  • Users management, where you can manage both administrative users and registered users from the public area of your website.
  • Content management, where you can create articles, translations of their content and categories to associate them. It also has a small menu manager.
  • General settings of the site, where you can modify part of the behavior of the site as the automatic detection of the browser language.